The best digital coaching tools for personal development

December 23, 2022
Discover the best digital coaching tools to boost your personal development Digital coaching platform and AI coaching to meet your specific growth needs, to make long-lasting positive changes and make it easy to turn your personal and professional dreams true

The best digital coaching tools for personal development

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  • Digital coaching tools for personal development
  • Digital coaching platforms
  • AI Coaching vs Digital Coaching
  • How AI coaching is a valuable extension of the digital coaching platform

There are many different tools we can use to enhance our lives. Digital coaching platforms are digital tools that enable you to easily find coaches for different purposes, whether for individuals or teams and connect with them in a digital environment, mostly with remote calls. They also offer a variety of material to nurture your development.

Let’s explore the best three digital coaching platforms:


CoachHub enables organizations to create customized, measurable, and scalable coaching programs for the entire workforce, regardless of department or seniority level. By doing so, organizations can ensure greater employee engagement, increase productivity levels, improve job performance and build employee loyalty.

The digital coaching platform, usable via web or mobile app, connects users with more than 3,500 certified coaches in 90 countries, in more than 60 languages. The app combines human intelligence and artificial intelligence technology to select the ideal coach for each individual and curate a library of content to accompany them on their learning journey.


Sharpist is a results-oriented, digital coaching provider with the mission to drive the growth of organizations and their people through 1:1 digital coaching and personalized learning programs

Sharpist has developed a digital learning platform that is designed to support employees from internship to retirement with personalized digital coaching.


BetterUp aims to offer more people the opportunity to access expensive executive coaching that can help them be more productive and achieve personal goals. It combines individualized one-on-one coaching with a series of educational resources and practice exercises to help people excel at work. To do that, the platform focuses on giving people tools for tackling their work, advocating for promotions, and offering advice on other aspects of their lives that may be inhibiting their growth at the office. This includes coaching on better eating habits and effective parenting.

AI Coaching Vs Digital Coaching

Therefore Digital coaching consists in meeting real coaches and getting one-on-one coaching sessions in a digital environment. On average, these kinds of services have a high cost, as they consist of individual coaching sessions.

The revolution for this decade is AI Coaching, Coaching powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Do not feel afraid when reading AI, as you are already utilizing AI-friendly devices in your daily life, such as Alexa and Google Assistant,

The major difference is that while the latter just responds to asked questions, artificial intelligence in combination with machine learning gives life to proactive solution-focused conversations.

This is the case with

AI coaching is a solution that is always available to meet the user’s needs. The AI Coaching allows people to develop through micro-coaching sessions, receive gentle reminders and nudges to boost motivation and commitment, contents to dive into soft skills, and eye-opening articles to gain new perspectives in your life.

How AI Coaching is a valuable extension of the digital coaching platform 

The major problem after coaching sessions is the need to commit to the daily actions which lead to success. Motivation can wane, routine can return, and progress can feel thwarted. AI Coaching is a personal and professional development mobile app, powered by software that entwines artificial intelligence, together with coaching and positive psychology. gives you access to: 

  • Micro-coaching sessions,
  • Customizable personal and professional development plan, 
  • Interactive material that keeps you engaged throughout your development journey to success.

What makes your personal development with Special?

A series of powerful questions, powered by artificial intelligence, to challenge your thoughts, feelings, and actions to create the habits that lead to personal and professional success.

With AI Coaching you can gain clarity of your personal and professional vision, confidence in strengths, skills, talents, and courage to smash through setbacks.

AI Coaching is the best solution to implement in between one-to-one coaching sessions, to keep the motivation high, embrace a lifelong learning process, and cultivate your growth mindset and the atomic habits that enable you to achieve your personal and professional goals.

If you’re ready to bring your life to the next level, consider how personal and professional development can help. With help from, you can achieve your goals, create long-lasting positive change, and make your dreams come true.

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