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Benjamin L. Vidmar

Entrepreneur, Creative Director, Author, Chef

Chew On This - AI Success Coaching

Without a purpose, things will never make sense and will be extremely challenging for you to accomplish the impossible.

When you have passion, anything is possible!

Life has more meaning when there is purpose, and I would recommend you invest the time in yourself to find your purpose.

What would you do if you never had to worry about money?
Where would you be if you could be anywhere you wanted to be in the world?

I have asked myself these questions many times before finally figuring out the answer.

Chew On This teaches that freedom embraced is freedom achieved. It offers an encouraging message for those who are seeking purpose in a world rife with duplication and imitation. Focus our attention on who and what we are chosen to be. It is a tale of courage, fortitude and dedication to a vision.

Polar Permaculture

Unlock Your Creative Potential and Reach Success with CHEW ON THIS!

Arctic food for thought and lessons for success.

  • Set Goals with a Plan.
    Life is all about the decisions we make every day. Many of those decisions are so small we do not even think about it, but others are big, with profound implications for our lives.
  • Take Action to Achieve Them.
    To be responsible can be very confusing for many because being responsible means not only you took part in the occurrence of an event actively but also that your inaction may have been your participation.
  • Accept Mistakes and Learn from Them.
    Learning is a constant and ongoing process of evolution that first involves acknowledging you do not know everything. This is an important concept in shaping your personality, introducing new concepts and ideas to you, and removing any limitations.
  • Embrace the Process and Reach Out for Support.
    We have to understand the need to commit our time and energy to getting the result we want in life. And even if we do not see the immediate effect of our investment, we keep at it.
  • Recognize and Celebrate Small Wins.
    To live in the moment speaks to being evidently conscious with all your senses majoring on being aware and present. A promise of a better day is still a promise, but the future is better because people are presently working towards it.

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Daily Micro Coaching

Rocky listens and interjects questions to guide you in achieving your best self.

Reflect on your day and strengthen your mindset to effortlessly reach your goals.

In your daily reflection, your contribution can either be inspired by Rocky or you can share directly your thoughts.

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Goal Tracking

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

The App helps you track your progress and set follow-up tasks, which holds you to account in an encouraging fun and uplifting way.

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Personal Development Plans

Get inspiration to sustain long-term motivation with a personal development plan, and achieve your long-run goals.

The personal development plan, that you can create in the app, enables you to fill the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, enabling you to stay motivated for a long time.

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Success Habits and Tips

Rocky rewards you at the end of each session with bite-sized learning pills, taken from hundreds of books.

This specific content is tailored to your unique growth path and will refine your soft skills, boost your wellbeing and leverage your personal and professional success.

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