Providing personal support to others and the team

June 8, 2020
Helping people value themselves and their work which will boost self-worth.

These seven techniques will help you build a more confident, competent team:

  1. Treat the team with deep respect

    No one wants to feel like a project. Connect with them personally and really listen to what is going on. Listen to the verbal cues they give about their lack of self-confidence and then treat them like the high-performers you know they are capable of becoming.

  2. Be specific about what’s right

    “You’ve got potential” will fall on deaf ears to someone who doesn’t buy it. Be as specific as possible with examples when giving praise. “When you said X, did you see the conversation change? You are making a difference.”

  3. Have team members teach others

    Take note of their very best skills and gifts, and have them share with others on the team. If they know they’re good at something specific, they’ll be more apt to have the confidence to speak about it with their peers. If they resist, start with having them help someone one-on-one and then evolve to bigger gigs.

  4. Help individuals to prepare

    Nothing builds confidence more than being the “smartest” guy in the room. The truth is, nine times out of 10, the “smartest” guy in the room is really the most prepared. Let them know that and ensure they do their homework by role playing the scenarios they’re most likely to face. The next time it will be easier.

  5. Celebrate incremental improvements

    Have you ever tried confidence bursts? They’re like running or training bursts, followed by a period of “active recovery.” You can build more confidence and competence on your team by training them in intervals. It’s not the grueling hours, but the constant pushing on limits and stretching of competence levels that leads to growth.

  6. Framework to make little achievements

    Sure, throwing an employee into the deep end and having them figure it out may build confidence, but only if they don’t drown in the process. Far better to create a framework around them that provides support and check-ins along the way.

  7. Encourage them through mistakes

    When an employee lacks confidence, even the smallest mistake will affirm their feelings of inadequacy. Of course, failures should not be repeated. However, help employees realize that failure is indeed a step to success. Teach them to “fail forward,” to make the most of their mistakes. 
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