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Anashay Wright

Speaker, Coach & Educator

About Coach Chance:

Hey there, future leaders! It's me, your Coach Chance. I'm a 17-year-old dream-chaser, all about helping todays youth take the lead in creating the best version of their future selves. Similar to the path I’m taking to reach my very own future lifestyle goal…And yes, you heard that right - I've got my sights set on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list!

My journey kicked off when I was just eight years old when I was “volun-told” By my mom to use my voice to share my truth about how I was experiencing school. I had a voice and I used it to talk about how we can make our schools better. People listened and things started to change. I've since talked to thousands of educators across the nation about making our schools even more awesome. I'm on a mission to help everyone get the best education possible- so students graduate prepared to live out their dreams.

But you know what? That's enough about me. This isn't really about me, it's about YOU. I'm here to be your digital Career & Future Lifestyle Coach. I'm here to help you discover who you are - self-empowered leaders ready to change the world. I'm here to guide you to visualize the best version of your future self.

Do you dream of going to college, or starting a career right after school? Whatever your dream, I'll be right here helping you map out the path to get there. We'll explore your future lifestyle options and build the knowledge and skills you need to move forward.

We're also going to work on building relationships. Together, we'll create a network of people who can help you along your journey. And it won't just be people in your school or neighborhood. I'm talking about building a global network. Because when you're a world-changer, the whole world is your community.

When I'm not working on shaking up the education world, I'm in my hometown, Decatur, GA. I'm cheering on my high school, designing fashion, and playing some cool tunes as a band percussionist. I'm aiming to be on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list by 23.

So, are you ready to change the world? I'm here, your Coach Chance, ready to guide, inspire, and learn with you. Let's get this journey started!

About Disruptive Partners:

Accelerating Change Through Innovation in Public Education

Anashay Wright, the heart and soul behind Disruptive Partners Consulting, is a passionate advocate for bold, strategic change that benefits everyone in the public education ecosystem. As a mother to two amazing children in metro Atlanta public schools and a fur baby named Porsha, her mission is to serve as a connector, build unity, and re-center humanity at the core of our public education community.

Empowering Leaders and Students with 20+ Years of Experience

Anashay is a strategist, speaker, coach, and educator who guides educators, parents and education leaders with practical tools and strategies for meaningful change. With her expertise, she creates inclusive programs and learning experiences that positively impact over 50,000 children.

Disruptive Partners Consulting: Advancing Equity in Education

Disruptive Partners Consulting is dedicated to collaborating with parents, families, and innovators to develop innovative solutions that accelerate learning, close the opportunity gap, and increase sustainable social impact businesses.

Knowledge & Skills Developed

  • Identifying passions and interests
  • Understanding learning preferences
  • Developing skills for jobs of the future
  • Building and maintaining positive workplace connections
  • Leadership development
  • Synthesizing knowledge and skills
  • Creating a strategic plan for future careers in emerging technologies

Meet Coach ChanceMeet Coach Chance

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