Developing self-confidence

June 8, 2020
Five steps to start building your maximum confidence

To develop self-confidence, you have to believe you have the right stuff, and that you are able to pull it off. Self-confidence is a deep-seated belief that you have inside you. 

With the help of affirmations, you have the abilities, inner resources, talents, and skills to create your desired results especially. 

Here are 6 tips that can help you develop maximum self-confidence.

  1. Make the choice to believe in yourself
    It is an attitude you develop over time. To be successful, you have to remember, the past is the past and there is no payoff for blaming anyone for your current level of self-confidence. It’s your responsibility to take charge of your own self-concept and your beliefs.

    You must choose to believe that you can do anything you set your mind to, because the reality is, you can.

  2. Use positive self-talk and positive visualizations to persuade yourself

    The latest brain research indicates that with enough positive self-talk and positive visualization combined with proper training, coaching and practice, anyone can learn to do almost anything.

    On the other hand, if you believe that it is impossible, you will not do what is necessary, and you will not produce the result. Either way, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

  3. Give up the words “I Can’t”

    If you are going to develop maximum levels of self-confidence and success, you need to give up the phrase “I can’t” and similar as these disempower you.

    They actually make you physically weaker when you say them. Your brain is designed to solve any problem and reach any goal that you give it, and the words you think and say affect your brain and body.

  4. Ignore what others think of you

    If having others believing in you and your dream were a requirement for success, most of us would never accomplish anything.

    You need to base your decisions about what you want to do on your goals and desires–not the goals, desires, opinions, and judgments of your parents, friends, spouse, children, or co-workers.

    In fact, most of the time, most people don't think about you anyway. Meanwhile, all that time you’re wasting worrying about what other people think about your ideas, your goals, your clothes, your hair, and your home, could be better spent focusing on doing the things that will actually get you closer to achieving your goals.

  5. Constantly acknowledge your positive past

    Most people in our culture remember their failures more than their successes.
    There is almost always more emotional intensity around your errors, mistakes, and failures than there was around your successes.

    Most people underestimate and underappreciate the number of successes they’ve had, compared to the number of failures they’ve had.

    The best way to counteract this phenomenon is to consciously focus on and celebrate your successes. Remembering and acknowledging that you have had successes in the past, will give you the self-confidence that you can have more successes in the future.

  6. Create a victory journal for yourself

    A victory journal is a list of all your daily successes. The point is to keep a running list that you can add to each day.

    Begin by writing down your successes from yesterday and those from today, and keep the list going in order to log these victories into your long-term memory. As simple as this exercise is, it is extremely powerful in building your maximum confidence.
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