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July 28, 2022

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Today we are very thrilled to share the review from the Holistic Healing Choices about The AI-powered Self-Improvement Coach to refine your Leadership Soft Skills The AI-powered Self-Improvement Coach to refine your Leadership Soft Skills is the AI-powered Self-Improvement app that enables you to cultivate, improve and master soft skills to succeed in your life and career.

You can improve your soft skills through a personalized process of intelligent journaling with tailored coaching sessions to let you blossom and achieve your unique potential.With just five minutes of daily interaction, Rocky will sustain you through your growth path and will provide content tailored tips to boost and refine your individual personal development journey.

Rocky is the Self Improvement and AI coach ready to bolster your professional and talent development.

The personalized coaching journey allows you to train and refine soft skills such as:

  1. Empathy and Emotional intelligence, which let you nurture positive relationships;
  2. Assertiveness and Self-Confidence, to help you promote clarity and fairness in daily interactions, based on a positive sense of respect for self and others.  
  3. Resilience and Time Management, to give you the ability to control yourself at optimal levels when facing  strict deadlines and external pressure.

Rocky strengthens your talent and helps you to fill your skills gaps and motivational needs. From your first chat, Rocky arranges effective action plans and succession steps to match your developmental interests. 

The journey is totally personalized and private: you are free to self-disclose in a protected environment and the coaching sessions will deepen your self-awareness and unveil your unique talent.  

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We are delighted that Rob Murphy has highlighted the following strengths:

  1. Definition of your Future Self
  2. Personal Development levels to Unlock 
  3. Content Related Tips
  4. Daily updates and Follow-ups
  5. Discover session
  6. A Community of like-minded People

Let’s dive into the details💡

1. Definition of your Future Self Selecting Your Future Self according to your career and life goals
Rob Murphy selecting the archetype according to his career and life goals

This is the first step into the beginning of your growth path, where you set your goals and choose who you want to be.

It is important for you to choose according to what resonates with you the most, which will highlight your priority. Clarity enhances motivation. Motivation helps you to get out of your comfort zone, allowing you to have new experiences and achieve the goals you desire. 

You are the creator of your future success and Rocky sustains you to unleash your unique potential. Here you  can determine at which stage you want to thrive, whether you are a Student, Available to enter the job market, a Professional, or an Executive.

You can choose your growth path, by taping what most motivates you. Your choices include:  People, Projects, or Learning. This will select your character and soft skills to be developed. 

2. Personal Development Levels to Unlock and the XP points you gain during each coaching session
In each coaching sessions with Rocky you can gain XP points to unlock new features to unleash your true potential.

Coaching has its playful effect, too. During your coaching chat session, you can collect Experience Points (XP)  from reading articles, following up, and also interacting with other like-minded people within’s community.

Here are the unlock features XP Levels:

Level 4 - Discover Section with limited content unlocked

Level 6 - Social comments unlocked

Level 9 - Modify personal growth path and add new soft skills

Level 10 - Follow-up functions unlocked.

Level 12 - Extended access to content in the Discover section.

Level 13 - Diary and Journal unlocked.

3. Content-Related Tips

Tailored tips to bolster your unique personal development journey
Tailored tips to bolster your unique personal development journey

The content-related tips are little gems that Rocky provides. They are tailored to your coaching session to nurture your growth.

There are bite-sized articles provided for you and also include actionable steps, so you can add them to your checklist of things to develop. finds relevant articles to your archetype, as well as your responses given to the coaching questions. 

Indeed each coaching session not only sustains you in a personalized way through your journey with empowering questions tailored to your needs, but it empowers you with short articles to strengthen your new perspectives and sustain your ongoing progress.

The bite-sized content that presents to you allows you to add new actions to your journal to improve your life and work career.

4. Daily Updates and Follow-ups and follow-ups to sustain you through the all your growth path and follow-ups to sustain you through the all your growth path

Based on interactive journaling activities and actions that you choose, daily updates and follow-ups are generated. Through them, you can visualize your daily upgrades and track the time of your progress along your journey. This helps to monitor your rate of progress as you move towards your personalized goals.

The visualization of your progress will help you to connect with yourself, and see the distance between your old self and the empowered best version of yourself.

5. Discover the Self-Improvement coach app and the discover section with content related tips
The Discover Section within

The section Discover allows you to have a specific space for yourself and a library where you can directly choose the article that most resonates with your growth path. Rocky will only present you content related to your unique personal development journey to foster your strengths and unleash your talent.

In Rocky you can also select articles from a pool of thousands. Rocky will guide you towards the most relevant to your growth path, but you will be free to follow your passions and explore where they may lead.

6.  A Community of like-minded people 

Share and comment within the Community

In this journey, you have your personal coach and you can share your thoughts in a like-minded community.

Here you can validate your interests and your newly generated perspectives. Sharing with the community will stimulate innovation and growth, and also you will receive reinforcement that can be an effective learning tool to encourage your desirable behaviors and provide motivation. 

Watch the review of's here

The review makes us proud because we are a young startup that is willing to deliver our mission to ensure the accessibility of positive psychology tools to everyone to fulfill their potential and become more successful.

We are striving to make a virtual coach powered by artificial intelligence more accessible. This will take you from good to great in your life and career, enhancing your soft skills and your professional development journey, and empowering you with tailored tips, follow-ups, track of your progress, and a community where you can share your thoughts.


We do care about human potential, lifelong learning, and commitment. These are our core values and we joyfully love to implement them in our mission. 

We are happy to share the latest update of Rocky and its commitment to the preservation of forests and clean oceans!

For each' subscriber new trees will be planted

With the Monthly basic plan subscription, you will contribute to the planting of a tree. 

The more content you receive, the higher your contribution will be. With the all-inclusive monthly subscription you will help the forestation and ocean cleaning.

Now it is over to you!

Rocky is easy and handy to use to foster your soft skills and bolster your personal and professional development.

You have the tools to help you flourish, and also help the sustainability of an innovative app. 

Begin the journey to unleash your true potential with!

Digital Leadership Coach - Start your road to success now!

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A variety of daily coaching questions for your self-improvement to easily achieve your goals and have success in life and work.

Rocky is safe, secure and anonymous.

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