Big upgrade on with the app release version 1.5

June 2, 2021
Meet the future of self-improvement. Rocky is the AI friend and coach in your pocket for career and mindset. Every day available whenever you need it. We made a big upgrade on with the app release version 1.5. Better AI coach, intelligent learning content discovery, personality test, and daily follow-up actions. Try it now for free.

Hi, how are you?
Today is a special day because I have some great news to introduce to you!

Do you remember the first time you used Rocky?

I bet you felt a little confused between all those icons and menus. Don't worry, because from today it will no longer be a problem. Your AI coach and friend is ready to offer you a new experience that best suits your needs. Do you want to know how? Take 5 minutes to read the main news of these helpful changes with our released app version 1.5.

Let's begin!

1) Personality test.

Ok, it's true, it may have happened that you, during your first use, might have been confused about which main objectives you want to pursue and which topics to choose (I believe you, there are so many development paths possible!). However, from today you will no longer have to worry. Rocky will offer you the possibility to carry out a personality test, thanks to which you can choose a growth path that best suits your needs. These tests use the OCEAN Big 5 measurement.

You can choose between a quick test, in case you don't have much time available, or, if you want to outline your needs and desires better, you can opt for the extended test, which consists of 60 questions and which will allow Rocky to understand what goals you should focus on to improve yourself further. You can find the tests under the Insights sections.

2) A new app landing page.

I guess this was the thing that confused you the most while using Rocky. Don't worry, from today you will have no more problems. The new interface will allow you to have a much clearer overview, with better-defined categories tailored to your needs.

Initially, you will visualize your Growth Path at the top, where you will see what your main goal is. Immediately below, you will be aware of your Daily Updates, which you can check as on-track or off-track to realize your progress more analytically.

In the next step, you can see your main "Topics" related to your growth path. If you want to change them because you believe you need to give more importance to other themes, no problem: just adjust their daily relevance manually. Still, you can add new topics as an advanced user and select from the different growth topics at your complete disposal.

And finally, you have a selection of your daily challenges — the reflection chat with Rocky, the learning content discovery, or the conversation with the Community.

3) Discover.

We have already talked about how you can freely change the order and priority assigned to the various topics.
What I didn't tell you is how this can also facilitate the discovery of Rocky's advice and articles related to your choices.

In fact, the Discover section has become faster and smarter than ever. Following a change in the topics, Discover will immediately change the focus context of the learning articles and also smartly sort their arrangement to make access to content related to your specific needs more usable. Not bad, right?

4) My Coach.

Well, I bet you don't need to tell you much. I know you enjoyed it, but we at Rocky are constantly striving to improve what we have to offer you. For this reason, you will be able to see how My Coach will also be able to be wiser and closer to your needs, managing to grasp even the most detailed nuances in your speeches.

We are happy with the time you have dedicated to us to read the new features. However, we are excited to enable you to explore these features even more by using Rocky.

What are you waiting for to try it? Rocky is ready to welcome you.

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