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November 11, 2019
Introduction and guideline for registering and signing up at

Guideline for getting started with for premium coaching programs

  1. Sign-up with access to your premium coaching program

To have access to your premium coaching content and programs, it is necessary to receive a code from your coach/consultant.

Without a valid code, the main Rocky.AI contents will be available.

Once a code is obtained, it can be either added at the first sign-up screen or the profile settings after your account has been created.

The web-app and the sign-up can be found at and works on popular browsers as Chrome or Safari.

Adding code at sign-up
Adding code at profile section if already signed-up
  1. Defining your main area of development

On the home screen, you can select your leadership development area and change your goal definition.

Based on the selected topics, you will received related curated content and and adaptive guided journaling.

If you are member of a premium coaching program, your assigned coach might be able to modify your goal and development areas.

Changing area of growth and development
  1. Starting your first personalized guided journaling

The guided journaling facilitates reflection on your leadership development area.

With Rocky's coaching questions, you can articulate on your mindset, set priorities, and reflect on your chosen leadership topic.

The chats deviate in the morning and in the evening and will change each day to provide you inspirations on priorities and personal development progress.

Start your guided journaling chat
  1. Learning resources with tips, quotes and best practices

You can engage in developing your leadership skills further via the curated learning resources, where you can interact with other users in relation to a specific leadership development tip.

Curated content and interacting with like-minded people
  1. Your progress and highlights

Lastly, the you can revisit highlights from the guided journaling and quantify your progress from stats provided.

Therefore you have access on your personal journal, your key words and your engagement points generated by interacting with Rocky.


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Growth Mindset and Daily Reflection app for strategic thinking, courage and focus.

Available on the Apple app store and the Google play store.

Leadership skills

A variety of daily coaching questions for your self-improvement to easily achieve your goals and have success in life and work.

Rocky is safe, secure and anonymous.

FAQ - Life-coaching APP

Questions and answers about your accountability buddy

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