How to train a positive mindset

March 7, 2022
Discover an easy way to improve your positive mindset, with daily quick exercises, anywhere and anytime, with an artificial intelligence backed life coach.


We frequently hear about the tangible impact of a growth mindset on life and career. You can read everywhere that by adopting a growth mindset, you will enhance your wellbeing, become more successful and create a fulfilling life.

Everybody is talking about it, but how can we improve our positive mindset practically?

Empowered people gathered to train their mindset

Before diving into it, and finding out a simple way to improve our positive mindset,

let’s make sure we understand what mindset stands for and how a growth one generates success. 🪄


In the 2007 book "Mindset", the famous Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck states that mindset – rather than intelligence, talent or education – is that which distinguishes successful people from those who do not fare so well. The term mindset refers to an individual's habitual state of mind. This plays a key role in the way you carry out daily tasks, make decisions and face challenges.

We can define mindset as the way you react to situations in life.

The change in mindset is the starting point to support all the difficult and brave choices you will face as an entrepreneur or professional. This means that all the tools you need to achieve your career goals are already inside you.

However, for most people it’s a question of unlocking that which is already inside.

Let me give you an example.

If you are convinced that you cannot speak in public, this mindset will lead you to avoid all occasions when you need to show your skills in front of others. However, this mindset is bad for you because it makes you deeply insecure and if you don't change it with time, you will be more and more inclined to turn down opportunities for the fear of making mistakes.


Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

According to Dweck, all individuals fall into one of two categories: those who have a fixed mindset and those who have a growth mindset.

Fixed mindset.  Those with a fixed mindset think that their qualities, such as intelligence, logic or talent are fixed, immutable qualities.

Growth mindset. Those who think that one's basic qualities and skills can be enhanced and refined through study and practice.

Having a fixed mindset can keep you from fulfilling your potential,whereas a growth mindset can help you achieve your goals. In the opinion of Carol Dweck, your mindset can influence your life much more than your intelligence or talent.

It is therefore essential to fully understand the difference between having a fixed mindset and a growth mindset.

Find out more about Carol Dweck and her researches on mindset here

Do you have a fixed mindset?

Man wondering about having a growth or fixed mindset

Those who have a fixed mindset believe that people were born with a certain level of intelligence, certain inclinations, qualities and talents that you absolutely cannot change.

You could have a fixed mindset if you…

🥱 Give up easily

You think it is useless to be optimistic because success is already predetermined.

😨 Have a fear of challenges

You do not see difficulties as learning experiences, but instead fear losing social approval if you "fail".

😟 Seek approval

You have a strong need to be seen as intelligent and talented. As a result, you always feel the eyes of others on you.

If you have a fixed mindset, you will probably be afraid of not being smart or talented enough to achieve your goals.

Worse still, a manager with a fixed mindset may fear that his team members' achievements will exceed his or her own. If they notice that a team member spots an opportunity that they themselves did not see, they perceive it as a threat. They may even thwart the growth of their team, to avoid being singled out as managers with no skills.

The good news is that the mindset can be trained like any other our muscles!

Those with a growth mindset think that intelligence and skills are not innate but are developed through hard work, persistence, resilience, and learning from one's mistakes!


The growth mindset is based on the belief that it is always possible to improve oneself. If you have a growth mindset you believe that with effort, perseverance, and passion you can develop both your innate qualities and new skills.

The concept Dweck introduces is that of intentional engagement, i.e., the ability to use feedback and mistakes as opportunities to improve, enjoy the learning process and become more effective and productive.

With a growth mindset, you most likely also believe that you can overcome any obstacle: you simply decide to learn from experience, work harder and try again until you reach your goals.

How can the growth mindset lead to success?  

Growth mindset vs Fixed Mindset working people

The growth mindset is a quality that can be useful in every field,especially in professional development.

When you realize your full capabilities and potential as a person, this not only impacts your private life, but also has a profound effect on a work team or a company.

Employees who train their growth mindsets are very willing to leap out of the comfort zone. These employees will be able to build working relationships based on innovation, on the courage to take risks and to create something new and productive, so that the individual results obtained will benefit the whole company.

The same is true for a leader who trains a growth mindset.

Leadership based on the growth mindset can become a huge asset during difficult times. Leaders with the right mindset empower everyone to succeed and grow. They instill a culture of success in the organization and show employees the way, giving them confidence and encouraging team members to constantly refine their skills and bring to light talents they did not know they had.

Today, the market and the business world require all entrepreneurs and professionals to be able to make quick decisions and get involved with innovation and technologies. It is essential, therefore, that leaders and managers work consciously to develop and sustain a growth mindset in their employees, themselves and their organizations.


Developing a growth mindset requires commitment and also courage.


One great piece of news is that Dweck has based much of her research on the theory of neuroplasticity, i.e., the brain's ability to continue forming new connections in adulthood, even after it has been damaged or when stimulated by new experiences.

The theory supports the idea that one can adopt a growth mindset at anytime in life.The only real difference between the two types of mindsets is action taken vs action never taken, due to fear and uncertainty about leaving the comfort zone. That is why a growth mindset is closely connected to coaching.


Discover an easy way to improve your growth mindset, with daily quick exercises, anywhere and anytime, with an artificial intelligence backed life coach here!



Picture of a training mind

If a growth mindset needs to be trained, who can support us better than a sparring partner?

This is the reason why we at have developed an interactive sparring partner, powered by Artificial Intelligence, that encourages self-improvement and reflection to help ambitious workers build a growth mindset.  


Welcome in the 21th century and embrace your AI self-improvement sparring partner!

Rocky helps drive focus, well-being, and productivity.

You will no longer need to face the costs of one-to-one sessions and the problem of engagement after the training.

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Begin your journey towards a successful and intentional life with your self-improvement sparring partner. 🚀

“Effort is what ignites that ability and turns it into accomplishment.” ― Carol S. Dweck, Mindset: The New Psychology Of Success

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