Develop a great presentation

June 8, 2020
Presentation and stand-up message preparation steps

Every leader at one stage or another has to make a stand-up presentation to a group. This is an integral part of being a good leader. 

To deliver an excellent presentation:

1. Create your presentation

by researching your topic, gathering applicable anecdotes, and talking to colleagues who have the information you need.

2. Develop an outline with three parts

  • The beginning – where you tell them what’s coming.
  • The middle – where you explain what you’re saying.
  • The end – where you remind them of your key points.

3. Structure your argument

which will be a mix of logic, reasons, and projected results of your suggestions. Your argument should be able to be expressed in one sentence and should be a mix of fact and personality.

4. Specify your persuasive message

what you actually want listeners to do after hearing your presentation. You need to have clear in your mind what actions you want people to take if you hope to be effective.

5. Develop the first draft of your presentation

while keeping in mind your answers to a few pertinent questions:

  • What is your central message?
  • Why are you giving this presentation?
  • What analogies are you using to amplify your message?
  • Which visual images are available to illustrate things?
  • What specific call to action will you close with?

6. Revise your draft

by rewriting it yourself or sharing it with colleagues and asking for their input. You may also give your boss a heads-up look at your presentation to make certain you’re on track.

Venue and formal style

While developing your presentation, you’ll also need to keep in mind how and where it will be delivered. Those factors will determine how formal or informal your presentation should be. 

Many corporate leaders do both – they have a brief prepared presentation which is of a formal nature and then open it up for questions-and-answers, which will be quite informal in nature.

The venue you will be using will also have an impact in this area, as will the size of your audience and the circumstances in which you are meeting.

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