Self education princinples

June 8, 2020
Tips to make learning daily habits and routines

Learning is continuous, it never ends. 

Teach yourself what you have always wanted to learn and don’t wait for someone to do it. Self-education isn’t more difficult than classroom learning. But it can be harder and requires patience and some discipline.

Read about some tips to bring learning into your daily routine.

  • Distraction-free learning environment

    It is helpful to have a soft of studying space, which helps to keep focused and to make you comfortable. As soon as you enter this space, your mind will be prepared to commit to the goal of learning.

  • Research new words

    Important materials are often written in a highly intellectual language, so you’ll need interpretations to understand what the authors are trying to say. Whenever you don't know a word, spend a few minutes to look it up and try to use this new word in a conversation in the next 24 hours.

  • Make notes and highlight important knowledge

    It will be hard to remember everything. As in school, have a notebook or a system to write down or record important information so that you can refer to it sometime in the future.

  • Use different sources and mediums to learn

    Experiment with different mediums as books, videos, conversations, articles, online-classes,... and focus on the one that inspires you the most. The trick is to understand how you learn and then build a system around it.
    Always remember, not everything that we read on the internet is true. Check the facts from other sources or do in-depth research.

  • Talk to people and share ideas

    You can learn a lot from meaningful conversations. Find people who are experts on the topics of your interests and ask questions. Nothing beats one-to-one communication with inspiring people.

  • Set your learning schedule

    Self-education should be a commitment, not a pastime. Make sure to fit it in your schedule as a regular activity with deadlines and responsibilities. Ideally every single day for a dedicated and committed time.
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