7 C's to build a winning team

June 8, 2020
Seven elements to build a winning team derived from sports coaching

1. Culture

The culture built within a team spreads through everything they do and touch. Jon Gordon says it so well, “Culture drives expectations and beliefs; expectations and beliefs drive behavior; behavior drives habits, and habits create the future. It all starts with the culture.”
When building a team, you must start with culture. Defining who you are, what you are trying to accomplish and what you stand for.

2. Contagious energy

Attitude and work ethic is contagious. A team can thrive because one member of their team has such a positive attitude and work ethic that the entire team falls in line behind them. The opposite may happen if the team member leaves. Who is most contagious in your team?

3. Consistency

Sports people who do the best across every tournament are the ones who are consistent. Consistent in their training, consistent in their philosophy and consistent in their mission. Everything they do builds on this consistency.

4. Communication

When planning it is important that you delegate. If you are really great at delegating, it is easy to stop communicating. Communication builds on itself with every conversation and makes your team stronger. But most importantly, communicating with your team shows them that you are invested and that you care.

5. Connections and coaching

Communication when done right, leads to connections and coaching. How are you creating connections on your team? Stay connected, understand the team members outside of the pure tasks and be able to give them coaching on top.

6. Commitment

How committed are you to your team, to your goal, to your mission? How committed is your team? Commitment starts with you as a leader. If you show true commitment to your event and mission, your team should follow.

7. Care

You should care about your business. But more importantly, you should care about your team. If you take care of your team, if you care how they are doing, they will build your success. They will help you create something that exceeds all expectations. But they have to know you care. How are you showing them this?

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