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Recognition is the key to boosting employee engagement. Find out whether your organization is prioritizing employees' key needs!

Employee Recognition in the Workplace

Employee recognition refers to the acknowledgment and appreciation of an employee's efforts, achievements, and contributions within the workplace. It involves providing positive feedback, rewards, and incentives to employees for their exceptional performance, dedication, and commitment to their work.

Employee recognition is vital for the corporate success.

Let's dive into specific reason that lead to people's thriving.

Motivation and Morale

Recognizing employees for their hard work and accomplishments boosts their motivation and morale. When employees feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to remain engaged, enthusiastic, and committed to their roles. Recognition acts as a powerful tool for inspiring employees to continue striving for excellence.

Increased Productivity

Recognized employees tend to be more productive. By acknowledging their efforts, employers create a positive work environment that fosters a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Employees are more likely to go above and beyond their regular duties when they know their work is valued and recognized.

Retention and Loyalty

Employee recognition plays a crucial role in retaining top talent. When employees feel appreciated and acknowledged, they develop a sense of loyalty towards their organization. Recognition programs can help reduce employee turnover by creating a supportive and rewarding work environment, thus saving the costs associated with recruiting and training new employees.

Enhanced Engagement

Recognized employees are more engaged in their work. They feel a stronger connection to the organization and its goals, leading to increased job satisfaction. Engaged employees are proactive, innovative, and eager to contribute their best efforts, which ultimately benefits the company's overall performance.

Positive Culture and Team Dynamics

Recognizing employees fosters a positive work culture and strengthens team dynamics. When colleagues witness their peers being acknowledged, it creates a supportive and collaborative atmosphere. This positive culture promotes teamwork, cooperation, and healthy competition among employees, ultimately improving the overall work environment.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied and motivated employees are more likely to provide exceptional customer service. Recognized employees tend to have higher levels of job satisfaction, leading to increased customer satisfaction. When employees feel valued, they are more inclined to go the extra mile to ensure customers' needs are met, resulting in improved customer loyalty and business success.

Now you can verify whether is your organization providing the right circumstances to let employees thrive, by assessing how many of the following points are put in place 🚀

Does your organization prioritize these key needs to help employees thrive?

1. Clear and meaningful goals

Employees need to understand their role within the organization and how their work contributes to the company's overall mission and goals. This provides a sense of purpose and motivation to excel.

2. Adequate resources

Employees need the tools and resources necessary to perform their jobs effectively, including technology, training, and support.

3. Positive workplace culture

A positive workplace culture that prioritizes respect, collaboration, and inclusivity can boost employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

4. Opportunities for growth and development

Organizations need to provide opportunities for employees to learn new skills and take on new challenges, such as training programs, mentorship, or leadership development.

5. Work-life balance

Employees need a healthy work-life balance to avoid burnout and maintain their well-being.

6. Fair compensation and benefits

Employees must feel valued and fairly compensated for their work.7. Recognition and feedback: Employees thrive when they receive regular recognition and feedback on their performance.

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April 27, 2023
Recognition is the key to boosting employee engagement. Find out whether your organization is prioritizing employees' key needs!
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In your daily reflection, your contribution can either be inspired by Rocky or you can share directly your thoughts.

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Rocky keeps you motivated whilst you grow.

Rocky helps you track your progress and set follow-up tasks, which holds you to account in an encouraging, fun and uplifting way.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can a BOT be a COACH?

A chatbot is still a software with a trained machine that simulates human conversations in the form of dialogues. In this way the bot can ask you good coaching questions, help to reflect on yourself and to be mindful, assist is self-coaching and self-improvement. At the same time the chatbot will not be biased, not judge you, be resistant and anonymous.

What is Solution-Focused Coaching?

Many of our transformation approaches are problem-oriented — we try to change by examining the issue. What the problem is.
This works well, especially for machines and processes. But when we work with people, the identification of root causes often gives us little ideas about the solution and can make the situation even worse! Forget it and concentrate on solutions instead. This solution-oriented approach includes: Finding out what works and doing more of it.

Who is the target end-user of Rocky?

Young professionals who want to develop their career and people who are open-minded and eager to learn and grow into their full potential.

Can coaches set up groups and teams?

Yes, different teams can be created, for which several coaches can also be invited. If somebody wants to manage clients as well as coaches, they can have access to a Coach Administrator account upon request.

Can coaches set up homework topics as a follow-up for their clients?

Yes, this is the main feature. The coach can set up a personalized growth path consisting of up to 6 leadership topics/skills. They can then define the frequency of reminders and notifications, and they can set up the north star and sub-goals for each coachee.

How can coaches connect with their clients on

Coaches have access to a user-management panel, from which they can directly invite individuals. In addition, coaches can create teams with unique "coach codes" which can be shared among their clients and which connect their clients to them.

What is the difference of GPT-3 and ChatGPT to

GPT-3 and ChatGPT are powered by artificial intelligence and run a range of different natural language tasks. The ChatGPT has compiled all the knowledge of the internet, and it looks like Google Search integrated into a chat form. contains among its feature, a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence and perform different natural language understanding tasks, to carry out a proactive solution-focused conversation to turn empowered thinking into inspired action and hold you accountable to implementing the positive habits which lead to success.

GPT-3 is designed to generate text, or to react to statements and questions within a chat that can include a personal matters or issues with specific problems such as to solve coding or homework.

Rocky on the other hand was not created to serve as your Q&A system nor as your universal knowledge source. That is why you have Google or OpenAI. Instead Rocky is intentionally designed to act as your personal digital coach that guides your through a process of positive psychology and coaching, to practice your soft-skills and to work on your personal development plan on a daily basis. In other words, it is not Rocky who answers your questions, it is Rocky that inspires with a versatility of questions so that you can answers your own questions while increasing self-awareness.

As well as leading the conversation, Rocky aims to make you think and to articulate what matters to you most. Only, through this process, you can develop a growth mindset and ensure long-term success in career and life-goals

What is better ChatGPT or and ChatGPT are different types of AI models designed for different purposes. is an AI-powered coaching platform that helps individuals, managers and employees improve their communication, well-being and leadership skills, while ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI that can be used for various natural language processing tasks, such as language translation, text summarization, question answering, and more. It has been trained on a large corpus of text data and can generate human-like responses to input text. is also different as it provides solution-focused coaching by asking the user about relevant goals, thoughts and activities that help them to explore the right path forward.

What is the benefit of AI coaching?

AI coaching, also known as digital coaching or virtual coaching, refers to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies to provide personalized coaching or training to individuals or groups. The benefits of AI coaching include:

  1. Personalization: AI coaching can tailor coaching to the individual's specific needs, preferences, and learning style, providing more effective coaching than a one-size-fits-all approach.
  2. Accessibility: AI coaching can be accessed anytime and anywhere, without the need for in-person coaching sessions. This can save time and costs for both coaches and individuals.
  3. Scalability: AI coaching can be scaled to reach a large number of individuals, without the need for additional human coaches.
  4. Real-time feedback: AI coaching can provide real-time feedback to individuals, allowing them to adjust their performance or behavior immediately.
  5. Continuous improvement: AI coaching can track and analyze data on an individual's progress over time, providing insights for continuous improvement.
  6. Cost-effectiveness: AI coaching can be more cost-effective than traditional coaching, as it eliminates the need for in-person sessions and can be scaled to reach a larger audience.

Overall, AI coaching can help individuals improve their skills, knowledge, and performance, leading to personal and professional growth.

Can I create my own scalable coaching business on the platform?

Are you a coach or a business owner who wants to create a digital twin of your coaching practice? Do you want to scale and automate your 1-on-1 coaching business with AI? Do you want to offer an interactive and personalized client experience that boosts engagement, performance and wellbeing? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need a white label AI coaching app.

A white label AI coaching app is a platform that allows you to transform your coaching program into an AI-powered version that you can offer to new and existing clients under your own brand. You can customize the app design, the content, the features and the workflows to suit your needs and preferences. You can also leverage the power of AI to deliver personalized coaching sessions, track progress, provide feedback and analytics, and support more clients and teams at once.

With a white label AI coaching app, you can take your coaching business to the next level and stand out from the competition. You can also save time, money and resources by using a proven and reliable platform that has already gone through the product-market fit process. You don’t have to worry about building, maintaining or supporting your own app, as that is included with your monthly subscription.

If you are interested in learning more about how a white label AI coaching app can help you grow your coaching business, contact us today. We will help you find the best solution for your needs and guide you through the process of launching your own app in the app stores. Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace the AI revolution and uplift your coaching with a white label AI coaching app.

What is a digital twin and white label coaching app?

A digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical asset, process, or system that can be used to simulate, monitor, and optimize its performance. is a platform that offers digital twins for coaches and companies who want to scale and automate their coaching services using artificial intelligence. A white label solution is a product or service that can be rebranded and resold by another company as their own. offers a white label solution for coaches who want to transform their coaching programs into AI-powered coaching sessions that can be delivered anytime and anywhere to their clients. By using’s white label solution, coaches can:

  • Support more clients and teams at once with personalized AI coaching programs
  • Enhance the sense of commitment and engagement in their coachees
  • Get precise analytics to detect areas of improvement and tailor needed improvement paths for their clients
  • Be part of a wider coaching community and promote their thought leadership
  • Save time and money by leveraging’s technology platform and content library’s white label solution is the perfect complement to traditional coaching services, providing an interactive and accessible client experience that catalyzes long-term growth and wellbeing.

Can I create a clone or an AI version of myself?

Yes, you can create an AI version of yourself. offers coaches, trainers, educators, leaders and companies to create a digital twin and clone of themselves and their knowledge to scale it and even create a white label app for it.
Use your AI clone generate new business and engage with your audience. Clone yourself with AI trained on your content and style. Coach and mentor your audience, add value to your clients and empower your team.

Everything empowered by the in-house AI models (this is not a ChatGPT clone!). Our technologies also ensures that the IP of your knowledge stays in your hands and we can guarantee that your content is not shared to other parties and stays exclusive within your digital twin.

How much does the setup of Rocky for Coaches cost?

You can set up and try out Rocky for Coaches for free! Here is the base price list.

What is the price per coachee?

The price per client/employee/coachee depends on the number of seats that you purchase. A seat provides the coachee access to premium content and the connection to the coach panel information for the coach. Here is the base price list.

Is the data safe?

Yes, our AI​ interacts with anonymized user-data. No user profiles are created and no​ third parties are involved at any stage. We do not collect and share any data either, as our business model is based on subscription. Check our privacy policy here.

Can coaches or companies integrate their specific content and learning materials?

Yes, the coaches can integrate their books and programs in the app.

The app provide premium programs for individuals personal development journey. The machine learning and artificial intelligence powering enables the chatbot to develop empowering questions out of your specific content. The price for this is available upon request.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if that is something you'd like to explore!

How can a coach learn more about Rocky for Coaches?

You can request a demo so we can show you the platform and how to best set it up for your needs and requirements.

ChatGPT vs GPT-3 versus

GPT-3 and ChatGPT are powered by artificial intelligence and run a range of different natural language tasks. The ChatGPT has compiled all the knowledge of the internet, and it looks like Google Search integrated into a chat form., however, has a very different use-case.

GPT-3 is designed to generate text, or to react to statements and questions within a chat that can include personal matters but also issues with specific problems such as coding or homework challenge.

Rocky on the other hand is not created to serve as a Q&A system nor as a universal knowledge source. Instead Rocky is intentionally designed to act as a personal development coach that guides people in different life-stages through a growth journey of positive psychology and coaching, to practice soft-skills and to work on their personal development plan on a daily basis.

As well as leading the conversation, Rocky aims to make people think and articulate what matters to them right now. Through this personal and professional development journey, individuals develop a growth mindset and can ensure long-term success in their career and personal lives.

Why is personal development important for me?

Personal development is important for several reasons:

  1. Self-awareness: Personal development helps you understand your strengths and weaknesses, values, beliefs, and goals. This self-awareness can help you make better decisions and align your actions with your personal and professional objectives.
  2. Continuous learning: Personal development involves learning new skills, acquiring knowledge, and expanding your perspectives. This can help you stay relevant in your career, adapt to changing environments, and broaden your opportunities for growth and development.
  3. Improved relationships: Personal development can help you improve your communication, empathy, and emotional intelligence, which are essential for building and maintaining positive relationships with others.
  4. Increased confidence: Personal development can help you overcome limiting beliefs, fears, and insecurities, and develop a more positive self-image. This can increase your confidence, resilience, and ability to handle challenges and setbacks.
  5. Fulfillment and well-being: Personal development can help you identify and pursue meaningful goals, develop a sense of purpose and direction, and experience greater satisfaction and fulfillment in your personal and professional life. It can also help you manage stress, improve your physical and mental health, and enhance your overall well-being.

In summary, personal development can help you become a more self-aware, confident, and fulfilled individual, and improve your relationships, career prospects, and overall well-being.

How often should people engage with Rocky.AI?

Users of Rocky should ideally engage twice a week for about 10 minutes each time. However, users are free to engage every day.

Leaders should check in with the coach-panel twice a month.

Is the AI supervised by humans?

The AI is trained, curated and supervised by human coaches. All questions, articles, and tips provided are derived from best-selling self-improvement literature and coaching programs. The AI follows positive psychology guidelines and adheres to a gender-neutral and inclusive framework.

Is the AI applying valid coaching models?

The AI is following the pre-released guidelines of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) for AI-Coaching.'s founder is a member of the ICF working group that defines these upcoming AI-Coaching standards.

Is the PERMA-V model scientifically proven?

Dr. M. Seligman outlined the characteristics for personal and professional thriving with this model. It is built upon the self-actualisation principles of Maslow's pyramid.

What about data-protection and privacy?

The conversation with the AI is fully anonymized. The user settings, personal development plans and diaries are De-identified within the app and can be only accessed with secure credentials by the user.

Is possible to implement specific coaching programs into Rocky for Teams?

Yes, it is possible to integrate custom coaching programs into the app and it is possible to manage exclusive clusters of users and app settings.

What is AI Coaching?

AI coaching with, the leading conversation AI coaching platform, is a service that provides personal development and leadership skills coaching through an AI chatbot. The AI chatbot is designed to deliver 5 minute coaching sessions each days to design the upcoming day or to reflect on what is most important.

What makes it special is that it uses conversational AI and behavioral science to help you explore your true potential, find your why, and dream big. It also holds a safe and anonymous space for you to express yourself without fear of judgment, and follows up on your chats to hold you accountable to positive habits, goals and actions.

Such coaching can significantly help if you are aiming for professional growth or seeking a fulfilling career. Therefore, AI coaching is the perfect tool that you can use in conjunction with job search platforms like Jooble to facilitate your journey towards realizing your ambitions.

Is AI coaching and mindset app free?

Rocky AI offers you some many features for free. As positive mindset coaching or a discipline accountability partner. However, you can unlock even more exclusive content and personal development plans or coaching programs and personalized features with a paid subscription. Don’t worry, you can still enjoy the app without paying and enjoy a variety of self-care practices, articles and self-improvement tips.

What is Rocky AI Coaching and how does it work? is an AI-powered coaching platform geared towards fostering continuous learning and personal growth within enterprises. It delivers a solution-focused, interactive learning experience that combines positive psychology with personalized brand-specific content.

Why is better than traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS)?

Traditional LMS systems often prioritize content over user engagement. flips this model by emphasizing regular interaction and personal growth alongside professional development. The result is improved usage rates, personal satisfaction, and return on investment.

How does achieve such high engagement rates? offers a personalized, interactive coaching experience that employees can relate to. The integrated game mechanics incentivize continual use, hence achieving higher engagement rates.

Can I integrate with our current systems?

Yes, you will get a white-label version of with your own unique URL and branded version of the app, that can be seamlessly linked with your existing HR systems to provide a holistic approach to employee development.

How soon can I start using my Digital Twin and custom LMS

Implementation of is fast and straightforward. Contact us today for a personalized implementation schedule. Setting up a digital twin will take 2 to 4 weeks.

How can I measure the ROI of using provides robust analytics to track usage rates, employee progress, and engagement levels, allowing you to quantify the value delivered to your organization.

Can we use for specific departments or teams within our organization?

Absolutely.'s flexibility allows you to implement it across entire organizations or specific teams.

What kind of support does provide?

We provide ongoing support and regular updates to ensure optimal operation and usability. Our dedicated customer support team is available to assist you whenever needed.

Are there any limitations to the size of businesses that can utilize

No. is scalable and can accommodate businesses of all sizes, be it small startups or large enterprises.

How much does cost? offers various pricing tiers based on the needs and size of your organization. The prizing also depends on the number of employees. There is a starting prize that is less than the cost of a lunch each month for each employee. Get in touch with our sales team to get a personalized quote. Here is the base pricing list.

What is the price of the AI coach and leadership assistant?

We apply volume pricing for seats that you can assign for your employees and coachees. One seat is valid for one person and 1 month of full access including the coach panel. Here is the base pricing list.

What is Emotional Intelligence Coaching?

Self -Awareness is a fundament here as well. To recognize and understand moods, emotions, and drives. It requires also to study about Self-Management. The ability to manage or redirect disruptive impulses and moods and to suspend judgment. With the intention to think before acting. Awareness of others is a key ability to recognize and understand the emotions and drives in others along with the effects that these have on our relationships. Finally, the social soft-skills come in place to manage and build networks with an ability to find common ground and build trust.

What is GROW Coaching?

This coaching type is oriented towards goal-setting and problem-solving. The Goal is the end point, where we want to be. It must be defined clearly to measure achievement. Then you have the current Reality. What are the issues, the challenges, what is the journey towards the goal? There will be of course Obstacles stopping you from progress. Once Obstacles have been identified, you need to find ways of dealing with them. These are the Options. Finally, you have the Way-Forward. It consists of the action steps which will bring us closer to the anticipated results. This approach has similarities with Google’s approach to OKR Objectives and Key Result.

What are leadership qualities or leader skills?

In either case, the characteristics of those in charge correlated to their ability to accomplish their goals. Just as importantly, those same traits determined how much – or how little – their followers looked up to them.

  • Honesty and Integrity. ...
  • Inspire Others. ...
  • Commitment and Passion. ...
  • Good Communicator. ...
  • Decision-Making Capabilities. ...
  • Accountability. ...
  • Delegation and Empowerment. ...
  • Creativity and Innovation.

Will I receive leadership quotes?

Yes. ROCKY.AI inspires you with leadership quotes.

How does ROCKY.AI work?

Rocky assists you to take charge of your leadership skills daily.

A monthly fee at the price of two books. One coaching session can cost up to $500.

A robot's consistency enables practicing leadership skills daily. In reality, only 8% of leadership learnings are brought into daily practice.

To remind you achievements that you make everyday.

Why are leadership styles important?

As you develop leadership skills, you’ll likely use different processes and methods to achieve your employer’s objectives and meet the needs of the employees who report to you. To be effective as a manager, you might use several different leadership styles at any given time.

Common Leadership styles are:
1. Coaching Leadership
2. Visionary Leadership
3. Servant Leadership
4. Autocratic Leadership
5. Laissez-faire or hands-off Leadership
6. Democratic Leadership
7. Pacesetter Leadership
8. Transformational Leadership
9. Transactional Leadership
10. Bureaucratic Leadership

What is a COACH BOT?

A coach bot offers bitesize coaching that suits you for your leadership development journey. You reduce going to expensive seminars on a frequent basis and the coach bot will help you to stay on track and to develop your habits and leadership routines.

What is an AI assistant?

A virtual assistant, also called AI assistant or digital assistant, is an application program that understands natural language by text or voice and is able to have conversations with you created to give you value or help.

What is Transformational Coaching?

This method is changing the way we see ourselves. This might involve even changing our self-image or perceptions about us and our limitations. Cultivating awareness and making decisions through mindfulness starts with creating a shift in our point of view. A second step is to reshape our patterns of thinking, and a final step is to incrementally improve our practices. It is also closest to life-coaching.

Self-reflection for success and taking care of your needs?

Numerous individuals find doing self-reflection troublesome or inconvenient. They don't comprehend why they need it, and they don't see the advantages doing self-reflection. For what reason is self-reflection significant for you? Here I will uncover the advantages of self-reflection:

  1. Give Perspective - Self-reflection permits you to comprehend and see things from an alternate perspective. At the point when you make a stride once again from a circumstance, you increase another comprehension. You can see the entire picture, not simply the bit of the riddle. You become more receptive.  You can zoom out and see the entire woods.
  2. Develop Self-Awareness - Mindfulness and a little soul looking is basic to accomplishment in all everyday issues. Setting aside effort for self-reflection about prompts personal growth. Furthermore, having a solid feeling of self improves your certainty and level of confidence.
  3. Permit You to Respond, Not React - Ever state or accomplish something at the time that you wish you could reclaim? At the point when you respond, you're not contemplating the possible implications of your activities. Be that as it may, when you invest energy to think about a circumstance, you can react all the more mindfully and change your conduct for next time.
  4. Encourage a Deeper Level of Learning - At the point when individuals are offered time to reflect, process and coordinate, Indeed, even 5 minutes to incorporate and consider what you've realized can have a basic effect.
  5. Improve Confidence - At the point when you reflect, you increase a superior comprehension of what's working and so forth. This thus, permits you to settle on better choices and change your activities. Each time you improve, it helps manufacture your certainty with expanded information and point of view.
  6. Challenge Your Assumptions - Self-reflection permits you to challenge convictions and presumptions that are impeding you.

What are habits of successful people?

 Stephen Covey described in his book, The 7 habits of highly effective people, approaches for the key to success.

  1. Be proactive - Take responsibility for your reaction to your experiences, take the initiative to respond positively and improve the situation.
  2. Begin with the end in mind - Envision what you want in the future so you can work and plan towards it.
  3. First things first - Set the right priorities.
  4. Think win-win - Value and respect people by understanding a "win" for all is ultimately a better long-term resolution than if only one person in the situation had gotten their way.
  5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood - Practice active listening.
  6. Synergize - Combine the strengths of people through positive teamwork
  7. Sharpen the Saw - Continuous learning and personal growth.

Rocky will help you to practice these habits of successful people and your soft skill with daily coaching questions and tutorials. All you have to do is to reflect and journal your answers.

Why is mindset the new psychology of success?

Carol Dweck, a Stanford University psychologist, summarizes In her book "Mindset, the new psychology of success", decades of research on how a person's mindset affects achievement and success.

There are two mindsets: Fixed and Growth.

Fixed mindset, people believe their basic qualities, intelligence or talent, are good enough to creates success—without effort. These types of people feel defeated after a failure and step away from challenges outside their comfort zone.

In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. These success factors support continuous learning and a resilience that is essential for great success.  These types of people view challenges and failures as opportunities to learn and grow.  This mindset is the hallmark of achievement and a key to success.

We all have some shades of both growth and fixed mindsets, depending on the situation. Cultivating a growth mindset will improve your ability to succeed in all areas of life. Learning a growth mindset creates motivation and productivity in the worlds of business, education, and sports. It affects how you lead, manage, parent and show up in relationships. Think about how you last approached a challenge: with curiosity for what you could learn, or by thinking about how you might appear if things went wrong?

With reflection and great success coaching questions, Rocky will help you daily to implement your personal success vision.

Is Rocky a journaling app?

Yes, Rocky is a digital coach asking you daily reflection coaching questions for your growth mindset and it is a unique journaling experience that captures your thoughts and feelings, moods, and interests over time and gives journaling prompts for reflection, together with insight to help you repeat personal success factors and practice your soft skills. Rocky is like an automated Bullet Journal Method to track the past, order the present and design the future road to success.

Is Rocky a health app or a fitness app?

Rocky is helping you indirectly with fitness and health. However, Rocky specifically helps with the power of challenging coaching questions and reflections. This allows you to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses and use this to guide ongoing learning. By reflection you will develop your skills in self-directed learning, improve motivation, and improve your quality of life and practice habits of highly successful people.

What is the difference of Rocky to a calm app or headspace app?

The calm app is for sleep and meditation, helping you to relax and reduce stress. The headspace app also helps with meditation and mindfulness to relax. Rocky instead is an artificial intelligence bot that uses the power of coaching questions with guided AI conversation. As an AI chatbot and digital coach, Rocky will inspire you to reflect daily. The conversations work best if you take the time to actually answer the questions with mindful reflective answers, which might require some effort on your part.

Is Rocky a therapy app?

Rocky is not replacing a therapist and does not have the intention of providing scientific therapeutic approaches within the app. The method instead used by Rocky is solution-oriented coaching. Rocky is created to help you to practice soft-skills with the power of coaching questions. The science behind it is Repetition, a success factor for learning and to help transition a skill from the conscious to the subconscious. Through repetition, soft skills such as life skills and social skills are practiced and rehearsed over time and gradually become easier. Rocky is an intuitive approach to answer questions relevant to your road to success.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a process that aims to improve performance and focus on the ‘here and now’ rather than on the distant past or future. Coaching questions unlock your potential for performance and success by helping you to learn and practice rather than teaching you. Like personal trainers, but for your growth mindset. Rocky is a digital coach, an AI chatbot which asks you those powerful questions with daily reflections. The main focus of Rocky is to help you to implement soft skills, such as communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, life skills or time management skills. The AI uses qualities derived from leadership coaching and executive coaching.

Is Rocky an Alexa app with artificial intelligence

There are many (artificial intelligence) ai companies, products and apps available, each with their own features and benefits.

Rocky uses artificial intelligence as an AI system:

  1. Conversational AI bot - Giving you an almost seamless coaching chatbot experience with neural network technology.
  2. Tutorial and skill recommendation AI - Coaching leadership style with guidance, help and proposals.
  3. AI generated intentions and goals - Helping you to identify new goals and be inspired to reach them.

You actually can use Rocky on Alexa well. Ask your Alexa device:

"Alexa, start morning mindset"


"Alexa, start evening reflection"

The Rocky artificial intelligence AI experience is unique in the market and also available as a Google Android play store app or within Apple iOS app store.

Rocky app vs remind app vs scheduling app vs notes app

Rocky is not replacing a notes app, scheduling app or a task list app. However, Rocky is a sort of reminder app with smart goal notifications and follow-up reminders: Like appointment scheduling apps, Rocky reminds you to practice growth mindset and can help to choose important task and set the right priorities rather than managing your task list or schedule. The approach of habits of highly successful people with help you in the long run to be productive.

How can Rocky help to practice interpersonal communication skills?

Here are 8 tips to improve your interpersonal communication skills and how you can apply them with Rocky the AI bot:

- Practice active listening. Rocky will ask you to recall the conversations you had so that you can reflect on the behavior that you showed to your communication partner.

- Maintain your relationships. Be reminded by the app to prepare for meetings with colleges or friends and define who currently needs you attention.

- Cultivate a positive outlook. The app helps you to be positive by reminding you every day of the good things about your life and your job. If you’re upset about a personal matter, set those feelings aside until after work. If you’re stressed about a work issue, look for the positive in the situation and try to articulate that.

- Control your emotions. Being emotional rarely is helpful. Whether you’re extremely irritated, severely depressed or ecstatically happy, take a deep breath and tone your emotions down. The reflection app will help you to mentally prepare for these situations.

- Acknowledge others. One of the best ways to build trust at work is to let your co-workers and other people know you appreciate their expertise. Ask for their help on projects and give credit where credit is due.

- Show a real interest in people. Define who you will dedicate time for in your coaching chats and then make a point of getting to know what’s important to your co-workers, family or friends. It will help solidify your relationships with them.

- Be assertive. It’s important to be assertive. Be confident in your ability and opinions, and don’t be afraid to express your needs, as well as your limits. Practice assertiveness daily with Rocky.

- Practice empathy. Gain a well-rounded view of things by putting yourself in other people’s shoes. This will help you develop empathy for others, which in turn goes a long way in finding solutions that work for all involved.

Communication Styles & Communication Definition

Communication is simply the act of transferring information from one place, person or group to another.

Every communication involves (at least) one sender, a message and a recipient. This may sound simple, but communication is actually a very complex subject. The complexity is why good communication skills are considered so desirable by employers around the world: accurate, effective and unambiguous communication is actually extremely hard.

There are four categories of communication which all need to be championed.

  1. Spoken communication and verbal communication - You cannot plan ahead what you will exactly say in a spontaneous situation. However, you can set up your strategy of communication ahead. Defining the most important points and the preparation for possible questions and their best answers.
  2. Written communication or emails - How do you want to deliver your message? What is your intention behind? What is the interest and need of the receiver and the target audience?
  3. Non-verbal communication - Body language, gestures and how to act. Rocky will assist you with many tutorials on how to behave and these will appear once they make sense in you coaching sessions.
  4. Visual communication - What colors, what tone and what impact those visuals have on your communication partner. Reflect upon last events and remind yourself what worked well.
Is Rocky helpful for nonviolent communication?

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a simple method for clear, empathic communication, consisting of ft

  • Observing others or reflecting about last events
  • Understanding your or other feelings better
  • Understanding you personal needs, expectations and desires
  • Being able to communicate your requests

Rocky will set your growth mindset for these questions and reflect with you.

What communication skills can I practice with Rocky?

Top Communications Skills that you can practice with Rocky the coaching App:

  • Clarity and clear communications
  • Active Listening
  • Sales and pitching
  • Asking good questions (You will get a lot of good questions in the reflection app)
  • Friendliness (being positive and optimistic)
  • Confidence
  • Empathy and emotional intelligence
  • Trust and Respect
  • Building Relationships
  • Open-Mindedness
  • Tone of Voice
How to build confidence with the digital self-esteem coach?

We define self-confidence as the confidence that you are able to influence what happens in your life. Rocky helps you with personal reflection on self-confidence:

  • Struggling is part of the learning process and Rocky will ask you questions to articulate your challenges.
  • Practice to be resilient and use your confidence coaching app as support network
  • To develop yourself as a professional however, it is important to be able to self-reflect. Only then you are able to understand your talent, drivers and the areas you might need to pay attention to.
  • Reflection is used to deal with future similar events in a better and more effective way. In this definition reflection is not very different from evaluation.”
Increase confidence level and self-esteem

"In content with onself": Self-esteem relates to the way that we feel about ourselves, it's a reflection of our inner sense of self value and entitlement, whereas confidence is a reflection of the way that we experience ourselves in our external world.

Rocky as confidence app & digital growth mindset coach is supportive of your learning process, to reward yourself to notice your inner critic and articulate what good things happened. Validate and acknowledge yourself daily.

What is a digital confidence coaching app?

Confidence coaching helps anyone who is tied down and stuck by their lack of self-esteem, shyness, limiting beliefs and fear. As a confidence coach, Rocky will empower you by challenging your doubts, fear in the face, and perceptions that are holding you back. Rocky will take you out of your shell and comfort zone by asking you daily question for your reflection. Rocky is patient and positive and is available for you every morning and evening. Rocky is your app for your self-empowerment to gain strength, courage and confidence. You can sit home and use the suggested tutorials and content to conquer fear and live with all your life.

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