Take one-on-one coaching to the next level with Rocky for coaches.

Empower Your Team
to Peak Performance

With just five minutes per day, Rocky - the AI-powered coaching chatbox - will help your team cultivate a Growth Mindset and reach exponential levels of individual and group success.

Rocky.ai improve your team to peak performance
 "Rocky.ai is the most exciting new development in our coaching practice.
It captures the interest of our clients and contributes to the growth of our business."

Gilles Rochefort, Personal Management Coaching
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Let your team build 
a strong mindset with Rocky
In a world of remote working, keep your team engaged, motivated and connected with just five minutes a day.
These short and regular sessions catalyse exponential levels of long-term growth, leading to increased engagement, performance and wellbeing.
for whom
Coaches who

Wish to impact more clients, without working longer hours.

Would like to create a powerful group coaching experience, yet wish to tailor this to every individual’s specific needs.

Wish to engage clients between their sessions to enhance connection, boost motivation and assure accountability.

Are looking to keep clients engaged after their sessions end.

Wish to be part of wider coaching community and promote their thought leadership.


Understand that mastering their own mindset is key to leading others.

Want to engage, connect and empower their teams to develop, particularly at a time of remote working.

Wish to optimise time and see the value of having a shared platform to continually meet the changing needs of their team members.

Wish to leverage the power of a fun app to boost team morale, encourage peak performance and catalyse conversations that lead to positive change.

how it works

in 3 Simple Steps🚀

Psychology shows us that humans need three things to stay engaged.
They need to feel autonomous in their choices, competent in what they do,
and connected to others as they make progress towards their goals.

Rocky AI nurtures these conditions in just three simple steps:
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    ACCESS Rocky for Coaches and the Web APP

    Visit our user-friendly platform, Rocky for Coaches.
    Access a simple dashboard, from which you can monitor the engagement, performance and progress of your team and coachee.

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    Invite Clients to Download rocky.ai App

    Invite your coachee to download the free app to optimize their potential. Allocate individuals into specific groups for desired learning outcomes. Effortlessly tailor the programs to meet individual needs.

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    Interact with the team in real time, to maximize team accountability towards goals. Control this easily from the comfort of your dashboard, which communicates straight to their app and keeps momentum high.

Start here to engage, empower and elevate your team
Rocky.ai is secure, safe and anonymous
Screenshot of the real time coaching feature of Rocky for coaches


Create a bespoke growth plan for every team member.
Monitor each person’s daily progress, as they work through
the assigned developmental topics.

Coaching panel

A single dashboard gives you an instant overview of each team member’s progress. Keep track of their engagement and personal reflections, so that you can intervene and support at the right time. You can dial up or down your own engagement in response to that of your group.

Screenshot of the coaching panel of Rocky for coaches
Screenshot of the setting up  feature of Rocky for coaches


From a single dashboard to optimise time and cut out the noise from other channels, you can set up groups and teams, monitor engagement, and intervene where necessary through direct messaging to offer help, support and encouragement.

Icon sending reminders feature of Rocky for coaches


Make accountability fun and easy for your team members, by sending reminders straight to them to their Rocky Mobile App through your access on Rocky Web App.

Icon of the content library feature of Rocky for coaches

Content library

With a wealth of content based on the research of optimal human functioning, let Rocky inspire
each team member through its bite-sized tailored tips and catalyse each coachee to peak performance.

Icon of the much more feature of Rocky for coaches

Much more

Rocky will keep morale high, through its customised use of AI to select the right quotes, articles and recommendations. Rocky cultivates the Growth Mindset and development becomes fun.

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Questions and answers
about your accountability buddy

Watch the video to find out more details on Rocky.ai


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