Mary Ellen Wasielewski

Burnout and Loss

Mary Ellen Wasielewski

CEO BLT Strategies

The mission of BLTS is to educate and support high level executives to continue to lead, prosper, and remain productive during transitions and personal adversity. Mary Ellen assist companies in creating a culture of compassion that offers support during times of personal hardship. Her program 'Burnout and Loss' is available as Premium Coaching program on

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Self-Awareness for Communication and Persuasiveness

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Improve Listening Skills, Persuasion, Articulation

"Get help to explore alternative ideas, solutions, evaluate options and increase self-awareness"

"Challenge assumptions and perspectives to provoke new ideas, stretch goals, and stimulate action"

"Define intentions, actions and follow-ups"

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    Rocky is here for you to challenge and support you in achieving higher levels of performance while allowing you to bring out the best in yourself and those around you.

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