What is Solution-Focused Coaching?

Many of our transformation approaches are problem-oriented — we try to change by examining the issue. What the problem is.
This works well, especially for machines and processes. But when we work with people, the identification of root causes often gives us little ideas about the solution and can make the situation even worse! Forget it and concentrate on solutions instead. This solution-oriented approach includes: Finding out what works and doing more of it.

Can a BOT be a COACH?

A chatbot is still a software with a trained machine that simulates human conversations in the form of dialogues. In this way the bot can ask you good coaching questions, help to reflect on yourself and to be mindful, assist is self-coaching and self-improvement. At the same time the chatbot will not be biased, not judge you, be resistant and anonymous.

What is Transformational Coaching?

This method is changing the way we see ourselves. This might involve even changing our self-image or perceptions about us and our limitations. Cultivating awareness and making decisions through mindfulness starts with creating a shift in our point of view. A second step is to reshape our patterns of thinking, and a final step is to incrementally improve our practices. It is also closest to life-coaching.

What is Emotional Intelligence Coaching?

Self -Awareness is a fundament here as well. To recognize and understand moods, emotions, and drives. It requires also to study about Self-Management. The ability to manage or redirect disruptive impulses and moods and to suspend judgment. With the intention to think before acting. Awareness of others is a key ability to recognize and understand the emotions and drives in others along with the effects that these have on our relationships. Finally, the social soft-skills come in place to manage and build networks with an ability to find common ground and build trust.

What is GROW Coaching?

This coaching type is oriented towards goal-setting and problem-solving. The Goal is the end point, where we want to be. It must be defined clearly to measure achievement. Then you have the current Reality. What are the issues, the challenges, what is the journey towards the goal? There will be of course Obstacles stopping you from progress. Once Obstacles have been identified, you need to find ways of dealing with them. These are the Options. Finally, you have the Way-Forward. It consists of the action steps which will bring us closer to the anticipated results. This approach has similarities with Google’s approach to OKR Objectives and Key Result.

What is an AI assistant?

A virtual assistant, also called AI assistant or digital assistant, is an application program that understands natural language by text or voice and is able to have conversations with you created to give you value or help.

How does ROCKY.AI work?

Rocky assists you to take charge of your leadership skills daily.

A monthly fee at the price of two books. One coaching session can cost up to $500.

A robot's consistency enables practicing leadership skills daily. In reality, only 8% of leadership learnings are brought into daily practice.

To remind you achievements that you make everyday.

Will I receive leadership quotes?

Yes. ROCKY.AI inspires you with leadership quotes.

Why are leadership styles important?

As you develop leadership skills, you’ll likely use different processes and methods to achieve your employer’s objectives and meet the needs of the employees who report to you. To be effective as a manager, you might use several different leadership styles at any given time.

Common Leadership styles are:
1. Coaching Leadership
2. Visionary Leadership
3. Servant Leadership
4. Autocratic Leadership
5. Laissez-faire or hands-off Leadership
6. Democratic Leadership
7. Pacesetter Leadership
8. Transformational Leadership
9. Transactional Leadership
10. Bureaucratic Leadership

What are leadership qualities or leader skills?

In either case, the characteristics of those in charge correlated to their ability to accomplish their goals. Just as importantly, those same traits determined how much – or how little – their followers looked up to them.

  • Honesty and Integrity. ...
  • Inspire Others. ...
  • Commitment and Passion. ...
  • Good Communicator. ...
  • Decision-Making Capabilities. ...
  • Accountability. ...
  • Delegation and Empowerment. ...
  • Creativity and Innovation.

What is a COACH BOT?

A coach bot offers bitesize coaching that suits you for your leadership development journey. You reduce going to expensive seminars on a frequent basis and the coach bot will help you to stay on track and to develop your habits and leadership routines.

Leadership is habitual work. When you start your day, you determine your day by patterns either intentionally created or passively allowed.

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