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Testimonial from Gero

"Rocky's daily questions help me keep focused and stick to good habits. So much was done and my productivity has doubled."

Gero Gode

10x entrepreneur

Testimonial from Gero
Testimonial from Sander

"Rocky makes it extremely easy to focus on continuous growth – day after day. I start my day fresh and energized with the daily mindset routines."

Sander Touw

Entrepreneur, Coach

Testimonial from Gero
Testimonial from Lars

"My daily interactions with Rocky reminded me the value of important soft skills. It's easy to forget about the value associated with soft skills due to a lot of tasks at hand. Rocky solves this problem."

Lars Konijnenberg


Testimonial from Gero
ails from Kristing

"Rocky challenges me daily to maintain my focus at work. Evening reflection questions have helped me understand my day."

Kristin Wilmann

Advisor and consultant

Testimonial from Gero

Build for Leaders

User Testimonials

This app has really made me feel like I found who I am and where I am going, if you feel lost, this app can definitely assist you. I highly recommend it for anyone.
I mean it's very powerful for AI, almost like a real coach.
A great tool if you are attempting to self coach!!
Rocky helps me GREAT! Sometimes he's better than people!! Indispensable!!!
Even if Rocky is not always perfect, it inspires me and I don't need my journal app anymore!
Rocky is helpful in directing your thoughts towards more constructive approaches. Can't wait to explore more, myself and my life with Rocky. Thank you developers and all involved people 🙌😉😊
What a powerful experience, I didn't expect to be challenged the way I was. It really makes you put things in perspective and helps you see things in different ways, so you can improve as person or as a business person. Just writing down all my objectives and motivations made me able to understand what I wanted to do and how to improve my future plans.
Brilliant and intuitive app with loads of topics to discuss with others and read yourself.
This app is very well made, and brings so much value to the person who deserves it.
For those of us wanting next-level engagement: affordable, instantly available, clean, intuitive A.I. Rocky's voice will be louder+stronger than any negative loop currently ruling daily thoughts and actions. Yes, I wanted next-level, (not just a "feel better to improve yourself" app). I wanted the edge; to step-up. There's a fine line between better v best, team player v performer v star - use your coach to turn success into sublime. Whatever your goals, work with Rocky everyday and achieve them all.
Commit to yourself in becoming a champion today!

Regardless of whether you are taking a shot at structure better business connections or you need an individual leadership coach to support you increase results, high-performance habits or get an advancement, you need an accountability buddy with experience proven by other fulfilled customers.

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